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Dublin is lucky to have such a diverse range of street food options from all across the globe When you’re thinking about Japanese food, you might instantly be drawn to the likes of sushi or ramen, some of which has featured previously on Dublin Delish! But have you ever heard of okonomiyaki?

It is a Japanese savory pancake "grilled as you like it" with your choice of proteins and tasty toppings and the great news is, on Dublin’s Aungier Street, Okky is open and offering just this!

From the same team as the popular Lucky Tortoise restaurant, famous for their beautiful dumplings, Okky specialises in this dish with plenty of customization options. From bacon, to prawns, mushrooms, there is a little something for everyone. If you fancy leveling it up again, go for the bonito flakes – these are dried fish flakes with a very umami rich flavour that flicker in the gentle breeze of the dining space.

Okonomiyaki is made with cabbage, egg and wheat flour batter. The Osaka Okonomiyaki which is featured as the Russell Recommends on Dublin Delish is topped with scallions, crispy onion, tonkatsu sauce, Kewpie mayo and sesame seeds. Absolutely delicious!

If that doesn't take your fancy, never fear. A selection of gyoza are also available as well as the silkiest, smoothest looking Japanese omelette which is called a Tamagoyaki. It's made in a bespoke pan and is cooked to order.

Check out Okky on Aungier Street

Dublin Delish - Japanese Street Food From Okky

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