Dublin Airport Now Sells An An...


Dublin Airport Now Sells An Anti-Ageing Gin


04:14 1 Jun 2017

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Some call it a mother's ruin, but it turns out there is one gin that could help you stop ruining your looks. Introducing CollaGin, the world's first gin range distilled with pure collagen.

Two former PR professionals are behind the new product, and say the added collagen "does not affect the taste, smell, or appearance" of the gin.

CollaGin is the first product to be launched by Young In Spirit, a company founded by Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick. Camilla said their "key botanicals all have an anti-ageing quality to complement the collagen".

The best news? The Loop at Dublin Airport is stocking the bottles. Management are quick to point out that sales of gin in The Loop increased by 70% last year and gin is now the fastest growing category, second only to Irish whiskey.

Michelle Corbett from The Loop admitted she is "thrilled to be the exclusive Ireland stockists" and believes CollaGin "will appeal to our growing numbers of gin connoisseurs and beauty fans alike."

Anti-age gin?

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