A New Study Says Older Sibling...


A New Study Says Older Siblings Have Higher IQ's


02:52 20 Jul 2015

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Sibling rivalry has always existed, from the founding brothers of Rome to the Kardashian's.

Brothers and sisters have always fought and competed with each other.

A new study by the University of Illinois could put an end to any questions.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Research in Personality, older siblings are often more outgoing and agreeable. They are also less likely to be as anxious as their younger siblings.

Older siblings also have higher IQ's, albeit by only one point.

Psychology professor, Rodica Damian carried out the analysis with Professor Brent Roberts. They surveyed 377,000 high school students.

She said that "The message of this study is that birth order probably should not influence your parenting, because it’s not meaningfully related to your kid’s personality or IQ." 

So what's gained from this is that, even though older siblings have statistically higher IQ's and are more sociable, the differences are so small that they won't impact siblings, and shouldn't impact the way parents treat their kids.

Even though the differences between older and younger siblings are so small, i'm sure there will still be some sibling rivalry created from this survey.

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