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5 Irish Artists You Can Buy Cards From On Moonpig


11:40 11 Mar 2022

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Support your favourite Irish illustrators

Moonpig just launched in Ireland, meaning you can now buy cards for whatever the occasion.

From birthdays and anniversaries to Mother’s Day & St. Patrick’s Day, Moonpig has curated a wide range of cards with funny, sentimental, and trending designs to choose from.

There are also tons of personalised and photo upload cards for the heartfelt messages and big moments, as well as non-customised designs for everyday occasions.

Irish customers can also nab a free card from Moonpig up to March 23rd.

Looking for the perfect card for your next event? Here are 5 Irish designers you can support on Moonpig:

Conor Merriman

Conor Merriman is freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Dublin.

The Conor Merriman X Moonpig range celebrates Ireland and our many ways of communicating with our loved ones. From telling your pal they're "a fine thing" to wishing a family member Happy Birthday, the illustrated Conor Merriman collection has a card for every occasion.

Bronagh Lee

Bronagh Lee is an Irish artists and illustrator based in Dublin.

Lee's collection with Moonpig looks at several different themes and messages, from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day to Easter and St. Patrick's Day, with an overall focus on Irish-isms and slang.

Her illustrations are usually colourful and playful using shapes and texture to create vibrant scenes and the work created for the Moonpig collection is no different. The main goal of Bronagh’s work is to bring a little of joy to the viewer.


Laura is a designer and artist living in Dublin. Her work is largely inspired by Dublin landmarks and Irish phrases.

Her collection with Moonpig is all about making the receiver feel happy; whether that be through a funny quote, some bright colours, a positive reminder or just a beautiful reminder of home.

Cards are about bringing people together and that's what she hopes her art does too.

Jacky Sheridan

Jacky Sheridan is an illustrator who uses her unique humour and a notable contrast illustrative style to create expressive, fun bold and engaging work.

Sheridan's collection for Moonpig is really inspired by her own desire to buy cards that appeal to young Irish people that actually use our own day to day language, whether that's as Gaeilge or not.

She illustrated the collection specifically to be bold in style and have a hint of Irish humour while still nodding to tradition throughout.

Twisted Doodles

Maria is a cartoonist for NewScientist and is a research microbiologist.

Her work is both informative and humorous delivered in a style that really resonates with her audience.

Originally from Donegal, Maria moved to Dublin to complete her PhD in science. She has recently written a book called the Newborn Identity that gives an honest and thought-provoking insight into parenting.

Maria’s collection is an irreverent array of quirky, witty and cute cards to cover several occasions from birthdays, new babies, Mother's Day to the only Irish dinosaur pun to feature on a card.

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