Will Ferrell Spotted On An Aer...


Will Ferrell Spotted On An Aerlingus Flight To Dublin


11:25 23 May 2024

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Half of Hollywood seems to be in town at the moment.

Keep your eyes peeled for Will Ferrell if you’re about town over the next few days.

The legendary comedy actor was spotted on an Aerlingus flight from London to Dublin this week.

The most surprising fact about this for the passengers who spotted him was not just the fact that he was flying economy just like everyone else - he was even in the middle seat!

It’s believed that his parents were on the same flight but they were sitting somewhere else and Mr. Ferrell took an unreserved seat by himself.

Another Tweeter verified this story by replying that they had been on the same flight and also spotted the famous actor.

It’s refreshing to see a celeb be more conscious of their carbon footprint 😅

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