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Victoria Beckham Recreates The Viral Rolls Royce Joke For A Super Bowl Ad


12:04 31 Jan 2024

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Can you imagine what they got paid to do this 😮

America's All-Ireland Football Final - or as they call it over there, The Superbowl - is coming up soon and there's already a great buzz around the whole thing.

Bar the few American Football fans among us, it doesn't get the same excitement here - especially as it tends to be happening while we're asleep!

But the non-football fans among us will associate the Superbowl with 2 things: the Halftime Show & the ads.

We know that Usher is performing the Halftime Show and we've already gotten a peak at what one of the ads is going to be!

The Beckhams have created the "My Dad has a Rolls Royce" moment from their Netflix documentary, that went viral last year.

The docuseries featured a clip in which David is seen peeking out from behind a door to tell his wife to “be honest” after she said herself and David grew up “very working class”.

After David asks Victoria to reveal the car her father drove her to school in, she responds and says: “My dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

This clip went viral on social media and became an instant meme.

Now it's being use to advertise Uber Eats during the Superbowl!

We're weak at Jessica Aniston 😂

Don't let anyone ever tell you that Victoria Beckham isn't a queen of comedy!

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