Two ‘Friends’ Star Reunite For...


Two ‘Friends’ Star Reunite For A Super Bowl Ad


09:09 8 Feb 2024

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It’s a mini Friends reunion!

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have delighted fans by appearing in a Super Bowl ad together.

The Uber Eats ad - with an astronomical budget we’re assuming - features a series of sketches involving people needing to forget something in order to remember Uber Eats delivers almost anything.

In the ad, Jennifer tells an assistant that she must forget something to "make a little room" in her mind to remember this information about Uber Eats.

A later scene shows David Schwimmer aka Ross, coming up to Jennifer to say hello and Jennifer has no idea who he is.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer aren’t the only huge names to appear in this ad.

It features a series of people forgetting extremely basic facts, including a gas sketch of David and Victoria Beckham trying to remember the name of the girl band Victoria was in.

"The Pepper Ladies? The Basil Babes?”

“The Cinnamon Sisters? The Paprika Girls?”

The ad closes with Usher saying to himself that he hopes to play the Super Bowl some day, when he is in fact, the Super Bowl half time act this year.

Advertising genius!

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