Two EastEnders Actors Run The...


Two EastEnders Actors Run The London Marathon In Character To Film Scenes For Soap


12:02 23 Apr 2024

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How did they pull this off 😂

Some actors really go method for their roles, whether it's training for months to get the physique of a superhero, or learn how to ride a horse to play a cowboy.

EastEnders actors Jamie Borthwick and Emma Barton not only had to train to run a marathon, they had to be in character while running the race so they could film scenes as part of a storyline in the show!

The characters ran the marathon in honour of a Lola Pearce-Brown, played by Danielle Harold, who died in the show following a diagnosis of glioblastoma.

Jamie Borthwick, who plays Lola's onscreen husband, ran the marathon with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) in honour of Lola.

"Over the last 18 months, we have seen a storyline where my wife Lola had developed a brain tumour," Aaron Borthwick explained, "We just really tried to make it as real as we could and our lovely boss dropped the idea to us that maybe our characters would run the marathon."

"I think it’s a really clever idea that EastEnders have done to show what a lot of the people all over the country are doing... raising money for their charities or in memory of a loved one," Emma Barton added.

"As Honey and Jay are going to be running the London Marathon, we are going to be filmed live on the London Marathon day, which will then go into Monday April 22’s show at 7.30pm. This has never been done before in soap history," she said.

The London Marathon took place over the weekend and the actors successfully filmed their scenes lives in the middle of the race!

Seriously impressive stuff!

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