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The Top Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of 2015


05:33 22 Dec 2015

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We do love when celebrities have embarrassing moments.

So just incase you missed any, here are the top ten most embarrassing moments.

1. Madonna's serious fall off  stage, after her giant cape failed to come off.

The singer was performing at the 2015 Brit Awards, when she seemed to have trouble undoing her cape. Little did her dancer know it was still tied to her.

2. Donald Trumps strange remarks about his daughter.

In 2015 rumours had sparked that Trump had said "If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, I'd be dating her."

Those rumours were infact true!

3. Demi Lovato likes mugs. In an interview the "Let It Go" singer was asked what her favourite dish is, not sure she understood the question. 

4. Britney's rather awkward wardrobe fail. Performing at her Las Vegas show, the singers costume became undone.

Not one of her dancers could fix it, but they certainly did not give up trying.

5. John Travolta's unusual behaviour at the Oscars. 

The actor was pictured being a bit too friendly with the other stars. 

6. X Factor fans were left feeling suspicious, after host Olly Murs announced who would be going home at the very wrong time.

7.  Victoria Beckhams very unfortunate wet stain. The fashion designer had a bit of a mishap by the looks of things.

8. Madonna wasn't the only one not able to stay on stage. U2's The Edge was obviuosly closer to the edge than he thought, when he fell off stage while on tour. 

9. Madonna is at it again. The singer really enjoyed being on stage with drake at Coachella this year, so much she felt she had to give him a snog. 

But I suppose it wasn't her first time. 

10. And it is still fresh in our minds, but most definitely one of the worst. Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner of Miss Universe 2015.



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