Taylor Swift Has Reportedly Le...


Taylor Swift Has Reportedly Lent Her NYC Apartment To Sophie Turner Amidst Her Separation From Joe Jonas


10:31 29 Sep 2023

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We won't lie, we're living for this drama!

Taylor Swift  has apparently given Sophie Turner the use of her NYC apartment while she works out her divorce from Joe Jonas.

Sophie and Joe had reached an agreement to temporarily keep their daughters in New York, after it came out that Sophie had sued Joe Jonas for withholding their daughters passports to stop them from travelling back to England with their mother.

Joe Jonas refuted these claims.

As things get messier with Sophie and Joe's divorce, fans are delighted to see this display of girl power and friendship between Taylor and Sophie.

Made all that bit juicier knowing that Taylor is also an ex of Joe Jonas - imagine the stories that were swapped when they first met up!

The moment the pair were snapped publicly in a restaurant together in New York City, the internet blew up.

Many fans called it an "impeccable" PR move against the stories that were being circulated about Sophie in the aftermath of the break-up. Claims that she was a "party girl" and that she may have cheated on Joe Jonas.

So while we continue to watch the drama of a celebrity divorce unfold, we're also watching a battle between their PR teams!

What do we think will happen next?

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