Taylor Swift Adds Firefighter...


Taylor Swift Adds Firefighter To Her CV! Kind Of...

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

11:39 19 Jun 2024

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Taylor Swiftly stops a disaster!

Gracie Abrams the singer songwriter who supported Taylor on the first leg of her Eras tour in 2023, has recalled the scary moment and Taylor's heroic actions around the situation.

Abrams was having dinner in Swift's New York home at the start of this year when she heard something fall. At first the pair didn't think anything of it so neither went to investigate the noise.

It turns out that Taylors cat had actually knocked over a candle setting part of the pop stars house on fire!




Without hesitation, Swift came to the rescue extinguisher in hand and in an interview with Billboard Gracie said ‘She was such a legend - I didn't know how at that hour or in our state she knew what to do.’

She also recalled that ‘We both had an insane cough from the fire extinguisher fumes for weeks.’


Tay Tay is coming to Dublin for her Era's tour from the 29th-30th of June in the Aviva Stadium.


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