Spice Girls On Edge As Catty T...


Spice Girls On Edge As Catty Texts Are Set To Be Revealed In US Lawsuit


10:58 31 May 2024

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Now this sounds juicy!

Former members of the Spice Girls are reportedly on tenterhooks right now as they anticipate private messages exchanged between them in a US court case.

In some text messages already revealed, Mel B texted her band mates Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton that “charity doesn't pay the bills” when discussing a potential reunion.

As reported by The Sun, the leaked messages that are coming out in this defamation lawsuit have the girls fuming.

They’ve reported that a set of “catty” emails which include Posh being slagged off for her behaviour at the premiere of the west end musical Viva Forever! back in 2012, where she arrived late and didn’t even sit with the girls.

“This is highly embarrassing for the girls as it doesn't exactly chime with their core messages,” a source for The Sun said.

"But obviously it was a fair few years ago now and they've all kissed and made up since then,” they continued.

Well if the drama at Victoria Beckham’s 50th recently is to be believed, things might not be all rosy still!

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