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Spencer Matthews Opens Up About The Steroid Use That Got Him Kicked Off I’m A Celeb


09:16 19 Apr 2024

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“It was the worst thing that ever happened”

Spencer Matthews has reflected on the rough patch he went through when he got kicked off I’m A Celeb for his steroid use.

The former Made In Chelsea star appeared on the show back in 2015 but only lasted 3 days as he was asked to leave the show as it emerged the drug he was using wasn’t legal in Australia.

“I was looking forward to [I’m a Celeb] so much right, and I wanted it so badly because it is bang up my street,” Spencer told the Daily Mail’s Everything I Know About Me podcast.

“Being in that jungle, I wouldn’t have cared about any of the challenges, I would have absolutely loved it and would have been able to play a really good role.”

He also revealed that he was upfront with producers and told them about Anvar, the steroid he was taking ahead of a charity boxing match, and that he’d originally been told that it was fine for him to take. But the decision was reversed a few days later.

Spencer went on to explain that he was alright with being pulled off the drug, however, he learned that being taken off it could cause serious withdrawal symptoms — meaning he had to be pulled off the show outright.

After being pulled from the show, Spencer talked about the rough patch he went through.

He returned to the UK feeling like his reputation had been completely tarnished.

“I really regret taking those pills because they made very little difference to my life or my mood or even at the end of the day my physique.”

But he went on to say that the hate he got for it was unwarranted.

“I’m really sorry if it kind of bothered anyone but the level of animosity that was felt towards me for that was enormous."

“I think it’s because the show is so huge and so successful and has so many millions of viewers. But I was “filthy.” I was a huge drug addict in the eyes of the public and somebody who had to remove themselves from the jungle because he didn’t have his pills.”

“I was really furious. I was deeply sad and the most misunderstood I’ve ever felt. It was the worst thing that’s ever happened in my professional career.”

Spencer kept a low profile for a little while before returning to Made in Chelsea, and things looked up for him significantly when he appeared on The Jump, as it’s where he met his future wife Vogue Williams.

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