Spencer Matthews Hits Back At...


Spencer Matthews Hits Back At Body Shamers Calling Him “Too Thin”


11:08 27 Mar 2024

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Spencer Matthews is sick of people passing comments on his body.

The former Made In Chelsea star is currently training for an endurance run and has been posting photos and videos in the run-up to the event.

But he’s not too happy with people commenting that he’s gone "too thin" and he looks “sick”.

He took to Instagram to confront the people leaving comments about his appearance.

“Every single day on this platform, women write to me expressing concern for my appearance,” the 35-year-old wrote, “They say that I'm too thin and that I look sick... One asked why I'm "punishing my body" and most say "hope you're ok??"

“This is a quick note to say that your concern is misplaced and the delivery of that concern is unhealthy. I am fit, well, and above all, really happy.”

Spencer went on to talk about the endurance run he’s training for that he’s hoping will raise lots of money for charity.

“I'm the healthiest I have ever been - enjoying a discisplined routine and am driven with clear goals, training for a World Record endurance run which will hopefully raise a substantial amount of money for people who need it.”

He concluded: “Training for this challenge is NOT punishment, it’s PROGRESS....”

Dead right Spencer! We hope this will make people think twice before passing comments on the appearance of others in future.

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