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Saturday Social: Internet Sensation Grace Keeling Reveals What Tourist 'Trap' She Fell Into In Dublin

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

12:43 17 Feb 2023

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The 'Saving Grace' podcast host is in Dublin this week for a live show of her hit podcast.

Rachael asked Grace how she would describe herself to people, having so many avenues of popularity, to which Grace replied:

"I'd say I'm a podcast host and I also do ridiculous videos online, that's my go to line".


Grace's online fame blew up during lockdown, Rachael asked if the whole thing started out of boredom to which Grace said:

"yeah, I literally had nothing else to do..I had the worst luck possibly ever, so I thought, you know what I'm going to share my embarrassment online here and people will feel a lot better about their lives after hearing about mine and I thought, right I could really make a career out of this".



Rachael asked Grace what the most embarrassing thing she ever put online was to which she said:

"Uh, I feel like there's a lot, I fall over a lot..When I was in uni we had like trams, and I fell over flat on my face twice and no one helped me up..So I just had to sit there and just accept my faith that I'm going to be on the floor of the tram for 10 minutes".

Listen to the full podcast with Rachael Ryan below.


Tune into the Saturday Social with Rachael Ryan from 10am


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