Saoirse Ronan Teaches American...


Saoirse Ronan Teaches Americans How To Make Tea


11:14 4 Feb 2016

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The Irish sure know how to make a good cuppa tea and Saoirse Ronan has decided to teach Americans how to get their tae just right.

In a new video, she shows Vanity Fair's Secret Talent Theatre the perfect technique. The 21-year-old also describes Ireland as the centre of the universe.

Fair play, Saoirse!

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Saoirse is nominated for an award at this month's Oscars. She's up for Best Actress for her role in Brooklyn. Earlier this week Helen Mirren praised her performance. Helen told Women's Way "Just give her the Oscar already. Because oh my word, Saoirse was absolutely astounding in that."

"She’s outstanding in whatever she does. I'm a big fan. It’s incredible to have that much power and vulnerability and wisdom at her age, so, so young. It’s really remarkable," she added.

The 88th Academy Awards take place in Hollywood on February 28th.

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