Robbie Williams Claims He’s Be...


Robbie Williams Claims He’s Being Haunted By A Ghost In His Shower


12:04 27 Mar 2024

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Strange place for a ghost to be but who are we to judge 😂

It’s well known that Robbie Williams is a fan of the paranormal.

The Rock DJ singer’s obsession with spotting UFOs and ghosts has been documented in many documentaries and interviews over the years.

The singer has claimed it’s been 4 years since he’s had any supernatural experiences but it seems his ghosts have returned to haunt him.

And in the shower no less!

Robbie Williams described the moment he realised he was being haunted again.

“It was quarter past four [in the morning], I go to the loo, sit down, shower right in front of me, shower turns itself on.”

He describes feeling disorientated and clearing his eyes to confirm he wasn't just seeing things.

And when he went to turn it off, it spookily turned itself off first!

Robbie admits he finds this shower ghost a bit boring however.

“I kind have got grumpy because it’s like, ‘If you’re going to do something, turning a shower on is a bit crap’.”

We’d suggest to Robbie maybe calling a plumber before getting The Ghostbusters in 😂

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