Pierce Brosnan Reveals The Unu...


Pierce Brosnan Reveals The Unusual Job He Had Before James Bond

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:33 1 Jun 2023

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This is actually mad 😂

He's best known for his role as the iconic James Bond (and belting out Abba tunes on a Greek island) but did you know Pierce Brosnan had an unusual talent in his youth?

We would never have guessed this, the Navan native has experience as a fire-eater!

He was part of a street theatre company and described fire-eating as one of those things you "pick up along the way".

We've never heard fire-eating being described so casually 😂

He admits that he gave up on the ol' fire-eating after he was on The Muppets and the trick went wrong.

"It was like rocket fuel. I blew it, and it all came back into my mouth and my mouth blew up. I had blisters for the rest of the show."

It still looked impressive anyway!

But maybe it's a good thing his fire-eating days are over 😅

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