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Philip Schofield Predicted To Make TV Comeback According To Tarot Cards


11:33 4 Apr 2024

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The cards never lie 😂

We haven’t seen much of Philip Schofield since he was embroiled in a massive scandal last year in which he admitted to having an “unwise but not illegal” affair with a younger colleague on This Morning.

The ordeal left a huge mess for everyone involved in the show, with his long-time co-host Holly Willoughby being forced to step down just a few months after amid concerns for her safety.

The story was so huge it left Philip Schofield in ruin and he was dropped by his stronghold ITV like a lead balloon.

It’s hard to come back from a scandal like that… but will Phillip Schofield manage it?

Well, a celebrity psychic has made a prediction that the former This Morning host will make a TV comeback - according to her tarot cards.

Speaking to Daily Star, Inbaal Honigman claimed that the tarot “predicts a calm and quiet year” ahead for Phillip. But at the end of the reading, Inbaal claimed that he will be handed more than one TV gig.

“He’ll delve into a regular spiritual practice, and focusing on doing good will ensure that the TV veteran is able to feel as if he’s part of a community again. There will be two TV opportunities, but he’s not sure whether to say yes," Inbaal said.

The psychic also predicted that Philip's comeback may come in the form of a career change.

“The colours and textures of those tarot cards indicate very strongly that Phil will be doing some writing, so a book or a play may be in the works,” she explained.

Now a tell-all memoir we can DEFINITELY see happening. Maybe Inbaal is onto something?

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