People Are Going Mad For The W...


People Are Going Mad For The Way Ekin-Su Pronounces Limerick

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:18 30 Mar 2023

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Poor Ekin-Su, she didn't know better!

The winner of last year's series of Love Island didn't know the slagging she was in for when she posted a video on her stories last night, detailing what cities she was visiting on her Irish tour.

And she was so confident in her delivery god bless her 😂

She appeared back on her stories a while later, presumably after getting lots of messages, to have a laugh while she corrected herself.

"So here's an interesting fact. Apparently LIME-rick is called Limerick!"

She is gas all the same.

Aside from her tour around our fair country, there's more exciting things in the pipeline for Ekin-Su. She announced recently that she will be taking to the states to follow her acting career.

Before Love Island she already had made a name for herself as an actress in a Turkish soap. And she was accused of being an actress while she was on Love Island as she seemed to concoct some wild storylines for the show 😂

Who knows, we could be seeing Ekin-Su starring in some Hollywood movies opposite Paul Mescal in a year's time!

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