Paul Mescal Releases His First...


Paul Mescal Releases His First Song

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:27 25 Apr 2023

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Is there anything he can't do?

Not content enough with being one of the most talented actors on the scene right now, Paul Mescal is after releasing a song! And of course he's pitch perfect.

It's called Slip Away, and it's an original song he sang for the soundtrack of his upcoming movie Carmen.

The man is truly booked a busy right now, Carmen is his 3rd film released this year, following Aftersun and God's Creatures.

Carmen follows the story of  a young Mexican woman, who flees to the US border following the murder of her mother. She later meets Aidan (played by Paul Mescal), a marine suffering with PTSD who intervenes to a stop a murderous border guard.

The official movie synopsis says:

“Carmen and Aidan are forced to escape together. They make their way north towards Los Angeles in search of Carmen’s mother’s best friend, the mercurial Masilda and owner of La Sombra nightclub – a sanctuary of music and dance… but time is running out as the police hunt closes in.”

Of course, it isn't totally news to us that Paul Mescal is a talented singer. In the past his sister Nell has released videos of the pair of them duetting on the piano at home, and he even joined Dermot Kennedy on stage during a lockdown concert.

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