Molly Mae Mocked For Flying Ry...


Molly Mae Mocked For Flying Ryanair, Weeks After Being Slammed For Flying Friends In A Private Jet


11:08 24 May 2024

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The very definition of 'damned if you do, damned if you don’t'!

Molly Mae can’t win with her fans.

She recently shared photos of her boarding a Ryanair flight to Ibiza for her sister’s hen, all smiles with the caption “Planned her the best weekend ever. Eeeek”.

Instagram users flooded to the comments to give Molly Mae their opinion on these photos as they were posted just weeks after the ex-Love Island star flew her friends to France on a private jet.

“Love you Molly, but your friend gets a private jet for her bday but your sister doesn’t for her hen! I’d be raging!" one wrote.

"Makes me giggle that Molly got a jet for her mates birthday but ryan air for her sisters hen," a second person commented.

Safe to say Molly Mae didn’t appreciate these comments, and took to her YouTube channel to express her feelings on the situation.

“The amount of stick and the amount of intense comments I got from doing that treat for Taylor's birthday and getting the jet, made me think I probably won't ever do that ever again.”

"It takes away that specialness of that experience because the reaction is just, so not worth it,” the influencer continued.

“I was just sat there and I was thinking, shall I just swim next time?" she joked.

The poor girl must be exhausted trying to please everyone!

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