Miriam Margolyes Shocks Loose...


Miriam Margolyes Shocks Loose Women By Revealing How Much She’s Made On Cameo


10:54 5 Jul 2024

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Nice money if you can make it!

Miriam Margolyes has revealed the whopping amount of money she’s made through Cameo.

Cameo, a platform that grew massively over the pandemic, allows regular people like you and I to give money to celebrities in return for a personalised video message.

Celebrities can charge whatever they like for the video message and they can record clips from anywhere a few seconds and several minutes.

Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes is one of the most popular celebrities on the app, known for her wise-cracks and potty mouth. But the 83-year-old doesn't come cheap! She charges £135 for one video, lasting 2 minutes on average.

During Thursday's episode of Loose Women, Miriam shocked the panel by revealing exactly how much she’s made from the platform.

“Since Covid I have made £365,000 through cameos and personalised videos," the actress revealed.

"One day I will need carers,” she added, “I want to be comfortable and I want them to be properly paid for. It is really because I want to make money though and they pay me to do it."

When asked if there was anything she wouldn’t do for money, Miriam quipped: "I wouldn't eat s**t, am I allowed to say that?"

When Kaye Adams said: "No," she joked: "Oh, ok, I wouldn't eat faeces”

There’s a reason people are paying top dollar to hear this woman speak directly to them 😂

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