Miley Cyrus Reveals The Gruell...


Miley Cyrus Reveals The Gruelling Work Schedule She Had As A 13-Year-Old

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:39 1 Sep 2023

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How was this not illegal 😳

Miley Cyrus has revealed the gruelling work schedule she had while she was starring in Hannah Montana.

The singer is currently doing promotion for her new music, creating a TikTok video series called by 'Used To Be Young' (inspired by her new song by the same name).

In this series Miley opens up about what it was like to be a child star. In episode 12 of the series, the singer took us through an example day of a 13-year-old working in Hollywood.

While she was starring in her own Disney Channel show, a typical day for Miley would start at 5.30am.

"Friday, January 5: 5.30am - hair and make-up in my hotel. 7am - we get picked up. 7.15am - I'm on the news. 7.45 - I have another live interview."

Miley continued , "8.15 - another interview. 8.45 - another interview. 9.30 to 11am - meeting with editors, back to the hotel."

"1 to 2.30 - me and my dad have a lunch interview. 2.40 - we have to go to the Life magazine photoshoot. 3 to 5 - interview and photoshoot for the Father's Day issue. Arrive at 6pm for kids' online interview then at 6.15 we have another interview."

No one should have a schedule that intense - never mind a child!

"So, I do think this girl deserves a little endless summer vacation," Miley concluded, giving a little nod to her new album 'Endless Summer Vacation.

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