Martin Scorsese Reveals He's B...


Martin Scorsese Reveals He's Been Watching Derry Girls

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:46 28 Nov 2022

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We're all Derry Girls - even Martin Scorsese!

It turns out the award-winning director has been watching Derry Girls.

He revealed he was watching the show during a black-tie dinner for the Economic Club of Chicago.

While the dinner was a few months ago, the clip is only doing the rounds on the internet now.

In the clip someone's asking him: "What are you watching now?".

In his response Martin Scorsese says, "I watched the other night, Derry Girls?"

Going off the crowd's enthusiastic reaction he exclaimed "Those nuns!"

A big win for Siobhan Mc Sweeney this morning, notably, the only nun in the cast of Derry Girls 😅

While this was the reaction of the show's creator Lisa McGee:

You don't get better endorsements than that!

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