Lily Allen Reveals Unusual Way...


Lily Allen Reveals Unusual Way Her Dad Helped Cure A Jellyfish Sting

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

12:47 21 Jun 2024

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Lily Allen has recently recalled a traumatising experiment that happened on a family holiday when she was a child!


The 39 year old singer was away with her family when she swam into a group of poisonous jellyfish!

The singers dad and comedian Keith Allen came to the rescue and took matters into his own hands, by peeing on his daughter! On Lily’s ‘Miss Me?’ Podcast she recalled the utter confusion on why her dad was peeing on her while on a beach full of people “I didn’t know why my dad was peeing on me but it seemed pretty unfair after I had been stung by a large amount of horrible, see-through fish that look like jelly."



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The singer is currently on a family holiday in Greece with her own children but has confirmed that “the water is completely clear and there are no jellyfish”. Safe to say her daughters will be avoiding that trauma!


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