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Leonardo DiCaprio's Unusual London Transport Is Helping Him Avoid Traffic Jams


11:37 20 Sep 2023

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If ever we needed a reminder that celebrities live on another planet to us!

Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly found an unusual way of zipping around London to avoid the traffic the rest of us plebs have to sit in.

The Sun is claiming that the Oscar-winning actor has been spotted going around the city in a diplomat's car - a vehicle that's afforded the opportunity to bend some traffic rules.

Leonardo Di Caprio at the 76th annual Cannes film festival


While these special cars are expected to adhere to the rules of the road, the police often turn a blind eye to any traffic offences. There's some diplomatic immunity for you!

So sources are saying the Hollywood star is being chaperoned around in one of these cars, a £80,000 bright blue range rover with blacked out windows, usually reserved for an Ivory Coast diplomat.

A source said for The Sun said:

"It's no secret that Leo has friends in high places but even by his standards this is well connected."

"All diplomatic cars are clearly recognisable via their number plates and more often than not the person at the wheel has diplomatic immunity so speeding or jumping a red light now and again wouldn't be a concern."

We thought Leo would opt for the Tube seeing as he's mad into the sustainability but we guess time is of the essence for him 😂

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