Kylie Minogue Has Turned Her F...


Kylie Minogue Has Turned Her Fear Of Hangers Into A Business Venture


08:32 29 Sep 2023

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Between this and Harry Styles buying the crèche, the celebs are really branching out 😂

Kylie is launching a line of coat hangers!
If this isn’t unusual enough, hangers are something that Kylie has opened up about having a fear of in the past.

While it might seem irrational to many, it is a real phobia - kremastraphobia.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Kylie spoke about how her wardrobe looks when she lives with this fear.

"It's a room in my house where everything is laid out - and it never looks like other people's wardrobes do in magazine shoots.”

“The problem is, I hate putting things on hangers. I have a hanger phobia - I don't like the way they sound when you put them in the wardrobe."

But what Kylie has done now is she’s taken her fear and she’s decided to sell them off!


The Australia singer is selling wooden hangers branded on them, 3 a pack for €30.

And alongside her many other ventures like her range of perfumes and glasses, we bet she’s making a pretty penny from it!

If anyone has any idea how you can run a profit out of those giant spiders that start appearing around the gaff this time of year we’re all ears 😂

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