Kim Kardashian Reveals The Unu...


Kim Kardashian Reveals The Unusual Way She Wakes Up Her Kids In The Morning

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:13 5 Dec 2022

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If ever we needed proof that the celebs live on a different planet to us!

Most parents get their kids up with a bowl of cereal and boot them out the door for school, but it's a little different in celeb land!

Kim Kardashian has revealed that over the festive period, she hires a pianist to wake her kids up with gentle Christmas music.

The reality star who shares 4 kids with her ex, Kanye West, shared a video on her Instagram stories last week of the Grammy award-winning pianist Philip Cornish performing in her home.

Source: @kimkardashian on Instagram


In the clip, Philip The Pianist is sitting at a glamorous grand piano playing Christmas songs while Kim's 4 kids North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm can be heard messing in the background.

They may have a mad morning rush like most parents do, but we think Kim's definition of what a 'mad morning rush' is very different to ours!

It was also revealed in the news recently that Kanye has required to pay Kim $200k a month in child support so good to know she's putting the money to good use!

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