Kate Moss Says She Is 'In Deni...


Kate Moss Says She Is 'In Denial' About Turning 50


09:56 25 Sep 2023

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Kate Moss has shared how she’s feeling ahead of reaching the big milestone.

The supermodel is turning 50 in January and when asked how she feels about it in an interview with The Sunday Times she said:
“I’m not turning 50. No. I’m not thinking about it. I do not feel 50.”

She was also asked if she had work done over the years to maintain a youthful appearance and replied:
“No comment. Au naturel. Next”

Interpret that as you wish!



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But as the supermodel gets older she has revealed she’s left the partying lifestyle behind and now she's turned to wellness routines as a means of enjoyment.

Last year, she announced the launch of beauty and wellness brand Cosmoss by Kate Moss and in the interview she said she enjoys a range of unusual wellness activities such as moonbathing.

What is moonbathing we hear you ask?

Well it’s the act of a lying under the night sky to “absorb lunar energy”. The supermodel added that she also goes out “charges” her crystals under moonlight.

She also spoke about enjoying wild swimming “in a secret place, in the middle of lots of fields and only the villagers are allowed to use it”.

So if you’re in denial about hitting a milestone birthday soon and you’re looking for something new to get into there’s a few ideas for you now!

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