Kate Middleton Spotted For The...


Kate Middleton Spotted For The First Time Since Photoshop Editing Controversy


09:39 19 Mar 2024

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The saga continues!

The royal family are Going Through It right now as conspiracy theories have been flying around about the whereabouts of Kate Middleton.

The Princess of Wales hadn’t been seen publicly since December of last year, as she was recovering from abdominal surgery.

However the internet went wild with theories on the “real” whereabouts of the Princess, ranging from the plausible (herself and William are going through a separation) to the just plain ridiculous (she's recovering from a BBL).

The royal family didn’t help their case when they released an official photo of Kate Middleton with her three children on Mother’s Day, only for eagled eyed detectives to catch multiple photoshop errors.

No wonder people are concerned for Kate’s wellbeing at this stage!

However a video has emerged of Prince William and Kate visiting a local farm shop in Windsor over the weekend.

The footage, which was obtained by news site TMZ, shows the couple at a distance, looking “happy, relaxed and healthy”.

Of course because the internet is the internet, there’s plenty of speculation that it’s not “the real Kate” and a look-a-like or body double is being used to quell doubts.

What do you think?

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