Justin Timberlake's Police Rep...


Justin Timberlake's Police Report Has Been Revealed

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

11:05 19 Jun 2024

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Cry me a river!


Justin Timberlake has been arrested for a DUI. The 43 year old was following his friends home from a bar while allegedly driving under the influence. Officers at the time asked for a breathalyser test which he apparently refused.




When the self acclaimed ‘Prince of Pop’ was pulled over it was reported in a ‘’Page Six’’ release that ‘the cop was so young that he didn’t even know who the pop star was.

It was also reported that Timberlake allegedly said to the cop: ‘What about the tour?!’

Which the officer replied ‘What tour?’ Which was then met with ‘The world tour’...


Timberlake showed up to his court appearance weary eyed and in a report from his lawyer to US Weekly ‘Mr. Timberlake was also charged with two other court citations, running a stop sign and not traveling in the correct traffic lane.’




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The singer is set to continue the ‘world tour’ in Chicago this weekend with an upcoming court date set for July 26th



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