ITV's Holly & Phil Are 'Barely...


ITV's Holly & Phil Are 'Barely Speaking' According To Reports

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

09:55 11 May 2023

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Is the dream over for one of the UK's best-loved TV duos?

It's being reported that ITV's Holly and Phil's relationship has "cooled"  and that once the cameras are off, the two are "barely speaking".


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What's put a strain on this relationship all of sudden?

“Holly and Phil have gone through rough patches before like any professional pairing who have worked together for over a decade," the source reported to The Sun. “Before they have always seemed to move on, but this time it seems different.”

They've had a rough year in fairness! They got a lot of flack for "skipping the queue" while the Queen was being waked in London and had to come out and apologise. Philip has had a rough time with his brother, who was convicted for sexual abuse last month.

The source reckons that it's an "open secret" that the giggly pair aren't as close as they once were.

They're still presenting This Morning on ITV, every weekday morning from 10am to midday. But who knows for how much longer!

Here's one of their finer moments for old times' sake 👇

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