Fans Think Taylor Swift's Late...


Fans Think Taylor Swift's Latest Relationship With NFL Player Travis Kelce Is ‘The One’


11:12 26 Sep 2023

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Is this endgame for Taylor’s love life?

Taylor Swift has had a string of famous boyfriends, well documented through her many successful albums that were inspired by them.

The ‘long list of ex-lovers’ includes big names like Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston and Jake Gyllenhaal. And in high profile relationships like those, it’s hard to keep anything about your love life private.

She had been laying low the last few years as she was in a closed off long term relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. But when they went their separate ways earlier this year, it begged the question from fans and haters alike - who’s next?

The brief fling she had with Matty Healy back in May wasn’t a popular one with the Swifties, They weren't fond of the 1975 frontman whose been caught in a string of controversies over the years for having some unsavoury opinions. However it didn’t last long (if at all!) and now all eyes are on Travis Kelce, the latest person rumoured to be Taylor’s boyfriend.

Rumours had been circulating that the two were getting close after the NFL player attended one of the singers concerts and attempted to give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it.

But those rumours were only fuelled by Taylor recently showing up at one of Travis’s games, cheering for him in the full Kansas City Chiefs gear in the box alongside his mother!

The most recent update on this new romance is that Travis reportedly hired out a whole restaurant for Taylor and this teammates. Quite the romantic gesture!

So this is all we know on the seemingly confirmed relationship so far, and the fans are loving it.

It could be the real deal or it could just be another fling - who knows! Either way let's hope it brings more great music  

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