Fans Are Convinced One Directi...


Fans Are Convinced One Direction Are Reuniting On James Corden's Last Show Tonight

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:26 27 Apr 2023

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It's the hope that would kill ya 😅

Despite the team at the Late Late Show being adamant that it's not happening, One Direction fans are convinced that the reunion is finally happening this week.

The rumours started when Harry Styles was announced as a guest for the final episode of James Corden's US chat show.

Even though James came out yesterday and said a reunion will NOT be happening on his final show, fans reckon he's lying to keep it a surprise and build the hype.

So, here comes the super sleuthing.

Fans know that James Corden's chat show is filmed in Los Angeles, and the last episode will be airing this Thursday (27th of April)

And thanks to update accounts which track the boys whereabouts, fans have deduced the Louis and Liam have both been in LA this week.

Louis had been due to do a gig in Singapore this Thursday, but it's since been cancelled, and he's been spotted shopping by fans in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile Jamie Scott (a song-writer and producer who worked with One Direction on mang of their songs) shared a post of a plane window on his Instagram story last week. The photo was captioned "LA bound" and Liam Payne was tagged meaning he was either on his way or he's still there.

Now, moving onto Niall.

We know he was on home turf recently to promote his new single Meltdown.

Niall was scheduled to play in Milan today that day the concert was cancelled. And people reckon that both Niall and Louis having their gigs cancelled on the same day is HIGHLY suspicious.

Zayn's a bit of a wildcard then, we've no idea what's happening with him. Seeing as he was the only One Direction member to actually leave the band before they went their separate ways, many fans think a reunion might exclude him.

So the clues are there, but will One Direction *actually* reunite on the show tonight?

Usually we'd have the philosophy "expect nothing and you'll never be disappointed" but we can't help but get on the hype train a little. What if they DO reunite tonight?

Watch this space.

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