Emma Roberts Slams Sexism Arou...


Emma Roberts Slams Sexism Around Hollywood Nepo Baby Debate: “Why Is No One Calling Out George Clooney”


04:24 28 Jun 2024

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She has a point!

Emma Roberts has slammed the sexist nature of the Hollywood “nepo baby” debate.

The debate, which highlights the celebrities that likely used their family to get into the movie business, became a huge talking point last year after an article was written about it in New York Magazine.

Now the likes of Maya Hawke, Lily Rose Depp or even our own Domhnall Gleeson can’t go one interview without being asked their opinion on being a “nepo baby”.

Someone else considered to be a "Nepo Baby" is Emma Roberts, daughter to actor Eric Roberts and niece to the even more famous Julia Roberts.

And Emma has this to say on the controversial topic:

“"People definitely have preconceived notions of you," Roberts, 33, told Bruce Bozzi on his podcast "Table for Two" of being born into a famous family.

"I think there's two sides of the coin, you know. People like to say, 'You have a leg up because you have family in the industry,' but then the other side to that is, you know, you have to prove yourself more," she explained. "Also, if people don't have [a] good experience maybe with other people in your family, then you'll never get the chance."

The actress pointed out that the conversation also seems to be very gender-based.

“I always joke, I'm like, ‘Why is no one calling out George Clooney for being a nepo baby? [His aunt] Rosemary Clooney was an icon,'" Roberts noted.

Maybe everyone's too young to remember 😂

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