Dua Lipa’s Reaction To Busker...


Dua Lipa’s Reaction To Busker At Glastonbury Goes Viral


11:52 3 Jul 2024

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Do we think she enjoyed it?

Dua Lipa’s reaction to a busker at Glastonbury is going viral at the moment.

The global superstar was casually walking around the music festival when she was approached by a busker looking to play some music for her.

The busker in question is @liamcmusic, who is known for his ukulele-playing and social media videos.

He approached Dua Lipa to shoot his shot and get her opinion on his new song.

“Right now, I am busking around Camden, and I wanted to play you 30 seconds of my song. If you like it, I just want to get your reaction, and that’s it.”

Liam shared the video on his social media with the caption “Dua Lipa likes my tune 🙌” but a lot of internet users are reading Dua’s reaction differently.


Some of the responses to the video were:



We have to admit, it does look like she’s just nodding and smiling politely 😅

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