Courtney Cox Says She Regrets...


Courtney Cox Says She Regrets Years Of Using Fillers

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:57 15 Mar 2023

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"I was getting older when I was really young"

Courtney Cox opened up about her biggest beauty regret on a podcast recently.

She appeared on the Gloss Angeles podcast recently, a podcast hosted by two beauty journalists.

In a chat about all things beauty and personal grooming, the hosts asked Courtney what her biggest beauty regret was. The Friends star opened up about her history of using anti-aging injectables and how she looks back on it now.

She called the process of trying to look younger as you're getting older a 'domino effect', with the result leading you to get more and more fillers because 'you look normal to yourself'.

She added that she gets shocked when she looks at pictures of her old self.

"I look at pictures of me from when I thought I looked okay, and I can't believe it".

The reaction to Courtney's appearance on the Gloss Angeles podcast was hugely positive, with many praising the actor for her honesty.

"The honesty here!!!!!!! I wish everyone could be honest like this" wrote one commenter.

"This will have such a positive ripple for so many women" wrote another.

And we have to agree! It's lovely to see celebrities be so candid and pass their wisdom onto the younger generation who may very much need to hear it.

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