Britney Spears' Memoirs Could...


Britney Spears' Memoirs Could Be Turned Into A TV Series


10:25 2 Nov 2023

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We could be seeing Britney's life on the TV screen!

Britney Spears' tell-all memoir The Woman In Me was released last week, and it already looks like we could be getting an onscreen adaptation.

The book was an immediate success, hitting best seller lists soon after its release and making headlines all week for its explosive content.

According to reports, production companies have already started a bidding war to get the rights to tell Britney's story in the form of a TV series, feature film or even a documentary.

Two documentaries about the life and career of Britney Spears have already been made but they had no involvement from the woman herself so no doubt there'd be huge interest in seeing Britney's life on screen in her own words.

Given the success of The Woman In Me, Britney is reportedly working on a second book.

We don't know what could be included that wasn't in the first one but we'll lap it up just as quick!

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