Britney Spears Has Revealed Sh...


Britney Spears Has Revealed She'll "Probably Never Perform Again"

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

12:24 12 Sep 2022

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Britney Spears has revealed that she'll "probably never perform again" as she feels traumatised over what happened during her conservatorship.

Britney made the comments in a since deleted Instagram caption which was uploaded yesterday September 11th, it appears Britney kept the photo online but for some reason or other decided to ditch the caption.

The caption read: "I will be honest in the beginning 13 years of conservatorship like 8 videos I only like one – Work B***h … the most offensive SO CALLED professional pictures on every tour".



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She continued: “I mean they could have at least cheated and retouched them for me … just saying … 2 day shoots for new show in Vegas literally the worst ever … and me excited for the pictures for 5 months on tour … they never showed me any … "

“I’d rather quit s**t in my pool and shoot photos of myself in studios over working with the most offensive people in my life …

“I’m extremely short lady but of course my team always hired the tiniest girls to be on stage with me … like 8 girls talk about humiliation good god … and tours WITHOUT conservatorship I only had 4 girls or 2 on stage with me!!! JUST SAYING".

Touching on the issue about performing again Britney said:

"You think I’m being silly you try being up there and feeling like that … anyways … anyways … I’m pretty traumatized for life and yes I’m p**sed as f**k and no I won’t probably perform again just because I’m stubborn and I will make my point …"

Britney recently released her first song in over 6 years with the legendary Elton John! The track is a remix of his classic hit 'Tiny Dancer'



It comes after Britney recently won her conservatorship with her father Jamie Spears.


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