Bradley Cooper Reveals He’s “A...


Bradley Cooper Reveals He’s “Always Hated Chairs” And Doesn’t Allow Them On Set


11:04 19 Dec 2023

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You’d be wrecked if you were working on any of his films!

Bradley Cooper has revealed that he does not allow chairs on the sets of films he’s directing.

He appeared on Variety's Directors On Directors series with Spike Lee and as the two were discussing their different approaches to directing, Bradley revealed his hatred of chairs.

“There’s no chairs on sets; I’ve always hated chairs and I feel like your energy dips the minute you sit down in a chair."

Ever since the interview went live, Bradley has been getting a lot of flak for this controversial take.

One Instagram user commented: "Absolutely, let the crew stand for 16 hours a day while he swans back and forth from his luxury trailer in between setups. How about he just do his f**king job and let everyone else do theirs. The arrogance."

However many have come out to defend Bradley, noting that directors having strict rules isn't uncommon on film sets.

Anne Hathaway and Robert Downey Junior have claimed that director Christopher Nolan is also very anti-chair. Meanwhile Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino is notorious for banning mobile phones on his phone sets.

Bradley Cooper recently made his directing debut for the film Maestro, based on the life of legendary director Leonardo Bernstein.

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