Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained...


Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained At Munich Airport Over His Luxury Watch


12:36 18 Jan 2024

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He wasn't getting any special treatment on this one!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was held at Munich Airport on Wednesday for failing to declare an expensive watch, a customs spokesman told AFP.

The 76 year old actor had flown in the from US but was detained in the customs area thanks to the luxury item he was carrying.

According to EU rules, anyone arriving with "cash or certain valuable items" over €10,000 must declare it.

And the Terminator star did not get any special treatment when he broke these rules!

He was eventually able to pay the tax, but only after overcoming a series of mishaps.

After the first card machine did not work, they took him to the nearest bank only to find it was closed, and ATM withdrawal limits were too low. Eventually Arnold had to wait for a new card machine to be brought by customs officials - hours later!

The actor's spokesman told German tabloid Bild that the airport incident was "a total comedy full of errors, but which would make a very funny police film".

We're sorry there was no one there to film it!

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