Anne Robinson Confirms She’s I...


Anne Robinson Confirms She’s In A Relationship With Queen Camilla’s Ex Husband


10:50 20 May 2024

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Hot new couple alert!

Anne Robinson has confirmed she’s in a relationship with Andrew Parker Bowles - the ex husband of the current Queen of England.

And she confirmed the news in the most Anne Robinson way possible when she was asked about the relationship during an interview with Saga Magazine.

“Yes. Full stop. Mind your own business."

Enough said!

Andrew Parker Bowles married Camilla in 1973 and the pair have two children, Tom and Laura.

They divorced in 1995 and Camilla went on to marry Charles 10 years later.

The pair have remained friends and he was one of the selected group who attended herself and King Charles’ coronation last year.

In the interview with Saga Magazine, Anne Robinson spoke about returning to dating in her 70s after being single for 17 years.

The TV presenter had been married to Charles Wilson, a former journalist and newspaper executive, until 1973 and her second marriage to John Penrose ended in 2007.

"I'd been out of the game for so long," she said, “And also I don't drink. If you don't drink, you're not as reckless, are you?"

She said she was a "great believer in surprising yourself by taking risks" both in her dating and work life.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If the worst that can happen is you get some egg on your face, that's not terrible is it?"

“Dating is easier as you get older, she added, saying you are much more picky about what you might "get into a tizz about".

Wise words! So how did she meet her new fella?

According to Saga, Anne Robinson and Andrew Parker Bowles met more than a year ago at a lunch with friends.

But they’ve kept their relationship firmly under wraps since then, enjoying a quiet life in the Cotswolds in south England.

Good for them!

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