Adrian Dunbar Is Ready For A N...


Adrian Dunbar Is Ready For A New Line Of Duty Series: “I Don't Want To Be Playing Ted Hastings With A Zimmer Frame”


10:37 27 May 2024

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Are you listening Line Of Duty writers?

Adrian Dunbar is ready for a new series of Line of Duty any day now.

The 65-year-old actor expressed that he wants the show to make a return before he gets any older.

“We all want it to come back,” Dunbar told The Times, “It’s apposite that today should be their  [Vicky McClure and Martin Compton's] birthdays because I really don’t want them getting any older.”

“I don’t want to get any older either because we don’t want to be coming back when we’re in a wheelchair,” the actor continued, “Ted Hastings with a Zimmer frame.”

The last series of the popular police drama aired in 2021 and ever since then fans have been crying out for news of the 7th series.

It’s what the fans want, it’s what the cast wants - just make it happen people!

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