37-Year-Old Security Guard Fou...


37-Year-Old Security Guard Found Guilty Of Plot To Kidnap Holly Willoughby


11:18 5 Jul 2024

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Hopefully Holly can put the horrible ordeal behind her now.

A 37-year-old security guard has been found guilty of a plot to kidnap and murder Holly Willoughby.

The kidnapping attempt happened back in October of last year, and while Holly was thankfully unharmed, it led to her stepping down from presenting ITV’s This Morning.


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The police were tipped off about the plot, after finding what they believed to be a “kidnapping kit” in the home of security guard Gavin Plumb.

This week a jury unanimously agreed that Plumb was guilty on all counts of soliciting murder and inciting rape and kidnap. He will face sentencing on the 12th of July.

In a statement following the verdict, Holly Willoughby said women "should not be made to feel unsafe going about our daily lives and in our own homes"

The TV presenter also thanked an undercover US police officer who helped foil the plot.

“I will forever be grateful to the undercover police officer who understood the imminent threat, and to the Metropolitan and Essex police forces for their swift response.”

"I would also like to commend the bravery of his previous victims for speaking up at the time. Without their bravery this conviction may not have been possible."

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