Totally Irish Podcast - 6th Oc...


Totally Irish Podcast - 6th October 2019

Denis Vavasour
Denis Vavasour

11:11 6 Oct 2019

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On this week's show John chatted to Tandem Felix about his new album 'Rom-Com'. Joey Gavin played us his new single 'Home Sweet Home' AND this week's playlist featured lots of new releases.

Totally Irish Podcast - 6th October 2019

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Squarehead Name And Number

Tandem Felix Nightclub (I Sold My Soul To The Devil)

Tandem Felix Tapley Takes A Stroll

Tandem Felix Oil Money

Joey Gavin Home Sweet Home

Joey Gavin Mr H (LIVE)

Jogging Disappearing Act



Autumn Owls Dead Snakes

Fynch Like Me

Biig Piig Roses And Gold

Cloud 404 Blue Moons

Whip Girl Light It Up

Classic Yellow Mechanical Bull

Sorcha Richardson Honey

Gorilla Troubadour After Dark

David Keenan Altar Wine

Isaac Jones Not To Be Demanding

Pearly Chain Of Coral

Dowry Numb


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