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XFactor group blame manager for flop


02:04 17 Sep 2013

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“Next of Kin” are the slightly older boyband on the XFactor – three brothers aged between 27 and 32 who impressed judges at the weekend.

It turns out they had two Top 40 hits in the 1990's but things went pear shaped and they were forced to go back to school. They once toured with Britney, Boyzone and Westlife but were really only kids at the time. Their song was called “24 Hours from You” when they travelled around on the Smash Hits tour.

They've now blamed their old tour manager for getting so close to becoming massive pop stars saying he took them on, they were signed by Universal who really pushed them and sent them on tours and made an album but it was their manager who let them down. They became involved in court battles, the manager legged it and their parents ended up losing the family home.

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