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Former Chelsea and Scotland football player Pat Nevin joined The Football Show to discuss Bruno Fernandes.

Bruno Fernandes endured the lowest moments of his career against Liverpool on Sunday.

The Manchester United captain saw his side lose 7-0. That alone is a record-setting loss the likes of which the team has never seen before. But the scoreline was secondary for Fernandes, because his individual display was shocking. It wasn't even that he played poorly. It's how he played poorly.

Fernandes is drawing wide criticism for his constant moaning at other players and the ease with which he goes to ground. That's become the norm for him. But there is a viral clip of him giving up on a play when Stefan Bajcetic takes the ball past him down the right wing.

The Portuguese attacker stops, turns and walks back towards the middle of the field as his teammates chase the ball back. Pat Nevin couldn't believe what he was watching.

"You've seen the worst of him," Nevin said.

"But the moment that was unforgivable was when he lost the ball and then walked. And then running away. You're so many goals down. Every single Manchester United fan, player, his coaches, have every right to be absolutely furious with him."

The problem isn't just Fernandes' lack of contribution, it's that he is the team's captain so he empowers others to take the easy way out by acting this way. Nevin doesn't believe that you can build a good team spirit with a captain who acts like that and isn't called out for doing so.

"It was a horrifying moment...any other player in the team does that at any point, they can turn around and say 'Well, the captain did it.'

"I wouldn't care who it was and I know I've done it, because I've done it in my career before. I did it many times, I don't care how big a name it is. Anyone who does that, I'll give it to you. I'll just tell you, I'll shout and ball and scream at you. And so will everyone around if you've got a decent [team] spirit."

Bruno Fernandes needs a stern talking to.


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