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Cooper & Luke Chat To The Woman Who Wrote The Dog Poo Jingle


11:36 8 Nov 2018

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There's been a lot of talk about Dog Poo this week on 98FM's Big Breakfast.. 

Specifically, the radio ad about dog poo with the incredibly catchy jingle... Dog Poo... Dog Poo...

First we challenged Cooper to remix the jingle and it evolved into this amazing dance track...

Then we learned that Dog Poo is actually a song written for a educational musical, by an Irish woman called Annette McNelis. 

Other songs from Environment The Musical include Mean Green Anti-Litter Machine and The Bottle Bank Song. 

We were delighted that Annette herself got wind of the Dog Poo remix and liked it a lot!

We caught up with the jingle queen herself this week and found out how she ended up writing a song about dog sh*t!

You can also check out the radio ad that we've made for Environment The Musical right at the end of the interview:

Cooper & Luke Chat To The Woman Who Wrote The Dog Poo Jingle

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