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John Giles joined Nathan Murphy to discuss Mikel Arteta and Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta and Eddie Howe clashed during Arsenal and Newcastle's 0-0 draw.

The Spanish manager isn't refreshed after the World Cup break. In fact, it appears that he's more stressed than ever as the title race becomes the focus for the rest of the season. Arsenal are still top of the league. And Manchester City have already slipped up once since the World Cup break ended.

Arsenal have played one more game than City, but they're eight points clear currently.

City face Chelsea on Thursday night, which will bring them both to 17 games on the season.

While Arsenal are still in a commanding position, John Giles thinks that if Arteta doesn't focus on his team's performances and gets distracted by opposing managers or officials, they'll suffer for it in the long run. Arsenal need to get everything they can from their squad to match the inevitable pace of Pep Guardiola's squad.

"I thought his behaviour was very bad," Giles said.

"He was running up and down the touchline. My take on managers is that you've got to watch every minute of every game. Every second of every game. And if you're doing things like he was doing, you can't be watching the match and really doing your job.

"It was bad form and he should know better than that.

"Newcastle went there to defend and defend very well. Which they're entitled to do. But I saw him running up and having a go at Eddie Howe, as well as the officials. It doesn't do him any good.

"Eddie Howe has done a great job there. He's entitled to go to Arsenal and do what he's got to do. I think Arteta has to get a grip of things like that in a big match. He's got a job to do and losing the head doesn't help you do the job that you've got to do."

Arsenal face Oxford in the cup next, but then they have a huge match away against Tottenham. Arteta will need to behave.

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